Musicians Bios

Richie “Dr. Tequila” Barron
Lead vocals, guitar, wrote and produced all the songs*
Click link above to watch video “Black Magic Woman” & the Patron Girls

Lead Guitar:
Gabriel Manzo
plays the lead on Dr. Tequila and Dream World. He also currently plays with Malo as well as his own band Manzo.

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Lead Guitar:
Ian Lamsom
plays lead on all the other songs on the CD. Formerly with Elvin Bishop.

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Victor Bejarano
arranged the songs on the Dr. Tequila CD. He's been a pianist/arranger for such groups as The International Ray Camacho Band and Los Elegantes. Victor has recorded over 20 albums with various groups and has played with the Jorge Santana Band, Malo, and currently with The Voices of Latin Rock. His tour experience has allowed him to share venues and trade sets with Tito Puente, War, Los Lobos, Tierra, Little Joe y La Familla, El Chicano, The Platters and many others.

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Vic Del Llano
plays drums on the CD as well as the Dr. Tequila videos. Vic is another musician who has previously toured with Malo.

Timbales & Congas:
Richard Bandido Segovia.
Richard also plays in the band Puro Bandido

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Bass: Marcus Lopez has played and record with Malo, Jorge Santana's band, Master percussionist  Francisco Aguabella, Blues singer  Amanda Hughes . Percussionist Mingo Lewis, Wavelength group, Abel Sanchez band , Grammy Award nominee Cuban pianist Chuchito Valdez, Cesars Band.  Pete & Sheila Escovedo also produced Local Salsa band Cubanacan and Mission Varrio Project CD's and is in the book  “Voices of Latin Rock” Pg 161  

Horn Section:
Horn arrangements and Tenor Sax
David Stone, formerly with Huey Lewis and Mike Rinta Robert Zukerman, with Cold Blood.
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Trombone: Mike Rinta

Trumpet: Tom Poole with Tommy Castro and Frank Bailey previously with Malo & with John Lee Hooker Jr
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Bill Noteman

Backup vocals:
Jacque Lynn Herrera

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Spoken word/congas/CD recording &mix* @ MegaMic Studio, S.F.:
Freddy Stylez Melendez

Caw Caws:
Humberto Maizo

*Dr. Tequila recorded @ Casa Bandido, S.F. engineer Francisco Mendoza
*Live in concert recordings Audio-X